Macon defective products lawyer discusses products liability law

What is a products liability lawsuit?

As a Macon and Atlanta products liability lawyer, I represent individuals who have been injured while using a product. A products liability lawsuit is any case that alleges that the use of a particular product caused personal injuries. For example, a person breaks a leg when the ladder he was standing on collapses due to a defective design.

The defendants in a products liability case can be manufacturers, distributors, retailers or other suppliers of the product.

Here is an overview of what you and your Macon defective products lawyer will have to prove to recover damages for your injuries if you have been injured by a defective product.

Legal theories

To recover damages for injuries caused by a defective product, your Macon products liability lawyer will need to prove that your case fits into one or more of the following legal theories:

Each of these theories requires the plaintiff to prove different facts. Most of the time, a Macon defective products lawyer will start the case alleging all three theories. As the case progresses, one or two of the theories may be dropped if they are not well supported by the evidence.

Regardless of the theory, as a plaintiff in a Macon products liability case you will probably need to prove that:

  • A product was defective when it left the control of the defendant.
  • You suffered an injury or other type of damage.
  • The defective product caused the injury or damages.

Macon and Atlanta products liability lawyer offers assistance

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