Learn important pretexts for DUI stops from Atlanta DUI defense attorneys. It can even make the difference between whether your case is lost or won.

Atlanta DUI Defense Attorneys

Atlanta Defense Attorneys Talk about Squealing Tires

Atlanta defense attorneys often hear about squealing tires as a pretext for stops. Sometimes this is found justified by the court, and sometimes not. In one case in Texas, it was determined that police had the right pull a driver over after that driver’s tires spun and screeched. However, in one case in Florida, a stop was deemed unjustified when the driver’s tires squealed as he drove away from a hotel parking lot. Skilled Atlanta defense lawyers are aware of how different jurisdictions can affect case outcomes.

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Good Atlanta Defense Attorneys Know the Importance of Facts

No matter where you were pulled over, or the pretext for your stop, a good attorney knows to check the facts and use them to build a strong case. Don’t try to do this on your own – get skilled representation if you have doubts about the pretext for your stop.

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Atlanta DUI Defense Attorneys and Other Pretexts for Stops

Learn more about how pretexts for stops can affect your case. Contact a Atlanta DUI defense lawyer today for help regarding your case.

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