A Atlanta injury attorney offers information on Colossus, a computer program in which injury symptoms are inputted into the system, and then a report predicts the value of the settlement of the case. More than 50% of U.S. insurance companies use Colossus to predict settlement value, but the program is imperfect, and usually claim values are reduced and rarely increased.

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Insurance companies utilize Colossus because it ostensibly provides a consistent estimate of costs, according to the Atlanta injury attorney. Human adjusters have differing degrees of knowledge, so value judgments vary even if claims are identical. Injuries have a base severity rating, and they are adjusted based on calculations by Colossus.

The Atlanta injury lawyer explains that a major flaw in the reports is that the majority of claims are soft tissue injuries, and Colossus opines that soft tissue injuries are subjective and not as serious. For example, Chiropractors usually bill a larger number of soft tissue cases, and not surprisingly Chiropractor bills are viewed unfavorably by Colossus.

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Preliminary Matters considered by Colossus

The Atlanta injury attorney instructs that a number of preliminary items are reviewed by Colossus before even looking at your case and claim:

  • Does the attorney for the plaintiff often take cases to court?
  • Is the attorney for the plaintiff easy to take the insurance company’s best offer?
  • In what jurisdiction will this claim be filed?

According to the Atlanta injury attorney, insurance companies will use Colossus to decrease a claim’s value. By not understanding of human suffering, a Colossus report will not accurately consider the following:

  • stress
  • pain
  • inconvenience
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of full spousal companionship

Sometimes this system can benefit claimants, as some injuries may impact the claimant less that the predetermined estimate. These cases are rare, as usually Colossus cannot accurately predict how severe the injuries will be, and the duration of the recovery period. Colossus simply cannot understand human pain and suffering. The Atlanta injury lawyer advises that your attorney must be prepared to fully explain to judges and juries why your case is different.

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In fact, the Atlanta injury attorney believes that juries are the opposite of Colossus, in that they respond more to the stories behind injuries, like being unable to hold a child without pain, compared to medical terminology, like the specifics of a disc herniation, because facts alone are more difficult to grasp. The Atlanta injury lawyer believes that the more the story is relatable to the jury, the more likely they will respond favorably.

For more information on how your claim may be determined by Colossus, call Atlanta injury attorney for further consultation.

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