Workplace Harassment

Discrimination and harassment based on gender, race or other protected class in the workplace is prohibited by all applicable state laws and by Title VII.

Harassment Evidence

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Harassment Evidence

Evidence must be present that a hostile work environment has developed due to harassment on the job in order for a case evaluation to be made of such a claim. The harassing behavior must be class-based or class-directed whether it consists of abusive language or behavior or the unjust favoring of one class of employee at the expense of another.

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Sexual Harassment vs. Hostile Work Environment

When considering a sexual harassment case the lawyer will need to know whether the case was one of quid pro quo harassment, i.e. submitting to the harassment is made a condition of employment either directly or indirectly, or if a hostile work environment can be shown to exist according to EEOC regulations. Hostile work environment claims can be made under any Title VII category including sexual harassment, but quid pro quo harassment is confined to sexual harassment.

If You Have A Harassment Claim

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