Damages Mitigation: Your Obligations

An Ancient Legal Principle
It is up to you to mitigate damages by making every effort to find a job similar to the one you lost. An attorney will advise you accordingly and will wish to know the measures you are and have been taking to fulfill this duty.

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Your Responsibility
Unless you can show that you are actively seeking similar employment, you will give up any rights to lost earnings. It is not necessary to change your occupation, accept a substantially lesser position or take a demotion. The employer can also make you an offer of the job you wanted with no conditions attached and toll the accrual of back pay liability thereby.

Keep any and all evidence that you have been diligently seeking work:
• Resumes.
• Job related correspondence.
• Classified ads.
• Printed records of internet ads answered and job-related web searches.
• Any correspondence with recruiting agencies.
• Detailed records.
• Records of discussions with anyone you spoke with in your networking efforts.

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If you cannot show that you have been actively pursuing your duty to mitigate damages, an attorney may think twice about representing you. To illustrate, the court could still award a judgment to an employer despite a jury’s finding for the employee if it can be demonstrated that the employee did not engage in mitigation efforts.

Know The Law
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