Because injury attorneys in Atlanta have a large amount of experience and knowledge in personal injury cases, your attorney will evaluate, and discuss with you, all the different factors involved in your case and present a range of possible settlement figures.

Injury Attorneys in Atlanta

Injury attorneys in Atlanta want you to realize that ultimately, the decision about how much to demand from the insurance carrier is yours, but that you would be wise to utilize the experience your attorney has accumulated in this area of law.

Why not begin with an extra large sum?

A common assumption is held by many people that an initial demand figure should be very high since the insurance carrier will counter with a very low figure. However, injury attorneys in Atlanta will advise that this tactic is seldom successful since at best the negotiation process will be delayed, and at worst the insurance carrier will simply not even respond to the exorbitant first demand. The legal expertise of injury attorneys in Atlanta enables them to ascertain a fair and reasonable initial demand that will begin the settlement process.

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Will my attorney’s demand figure be paid by the insurance company?

Even though the demand figure quoted in the first letter of settlement sent by injury attorneys in Atlanta is usually not exorbitantly high, it is still more than likely substantially more than the range you and your attorney originally determined. This is a common tactic that both sides are aware of. The amount injury lawyers in Atlanta initially request allows both the insurance carrier, and you and your lawyer, room to successfully negotiate a fair settlement. Therefore, you should not be concerned if the initial figure quoted is outside the settlement range previously decided on; it is simply the starting point for a successful settlement.

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Contacting Injury Lawyers in Atlanta

The settlement and negotiation process can be confusing and difficult. If you need the legal expertise of knowledgeable injury lawyers in Atlanta, please contact injury attorney by filling the form on the website to schedule a free consultation.

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