There are certain rules police officers must follow when pulling over a vehicle for equipment violations. If you have been stopped for such an issue, you should let your Atlanta DUI attorneys know right away so that any unlawful details about the stop can be addressed.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Lawful Stops

Your Atlanta DUI lawyer may look to Texas cases for examples of lawful stops for equipment failures. There, a driver whose license plate did not have a light and another whose license plate was resting in the rear dash were both found to have been pulled over legally. In addition to license plate issues, a California driver was legally stopped because the tint on his windows was in violation of the law. While the police officer was mistaken about the intricacies of that law, the stop was grounded in reasonable objective judgment.

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Unlawful Stops

There have also been cases where equipment based stops were found illegal. Your Atlanta DUI lawyer will want to look to these cases as examples of when a stop was not justifiable. In Michigan, one such case came about when the officer made a good faith error regarding state license plate law. Your Atlanta DUI attorney will find it important that the court here distinguished this case from those in California and Texas by noting that, in this case, there were not actually any equipment violations.

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Your Atlanta DUI Attorneys

The greatest chance of success in your case comes from knowledge and experience dealing with these legal issues. Atlanta DUI lawyer can help  to defend the criminal complaint against you. Contact us the best lawyer there in Atlanta by filling the form on the website today.

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