Step One: Case Evaluation

When you contact a Atlanta dog bite attorney, you will get the benefit of years of experience in handling personal injury cases such as yours. At the outset, your attorney will help make a well-reasoned and knowledgeable evaluation of your case’s potential value before even contacting the insurance company. While you have the final say as to any dollar figure put forward, you should carefully consider your lawyer’s opinion and recommendation. The initial settlement offer your Atlanta dog bite attorney makes on your behalf will be much higher than the predicted case value and should not be your “bottom line”. This is common to help ensure negotiation “wiggle room.” When you mutually agree on an amount, your Atlanta dog bite lawyer will then make a written settlement demand to the insurance company.

Atlanta Dog Bite Attorney

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Step Two: Making the First Offer

Do not be surprised if the insurance company rejects your Atlanta dog bite attorney’s intial settlement offer. Settlement is rarely reached without a series of offers and counteroffers. Because of this, it might seem like a good idea to simply start off with a “shoot for the moon” amount of money. This tactic nearly always fails. If your intial settlement figure is exorbitant, the insurance carrier might not think your Atlanta dog bite attorney is serious and negotiations will break down before they even begin.

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Atlanta dog bite attorneys can bring you knowledge and experience in negotiating your injury case. Rely on them to help advise you on how to begin settlement negotiations. Contact Atlanta dog bite lawyers today for further consultation.

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