Macon injury lawyer offers help to Georgia accident victims

If you have been hurt in a Macon car crash, tractor-trailer crash, or other accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  You probably have many questions about how much your case may be worth and how to pursue compensation.

I have prepared this 180-page website to answer your most urgent questions and educate you about the process of resolving a Macon Georgia personal injury case.  One good place to begin is with Frequently Asked Questions for answers about how your medical bills will get paid, the path to settlement, what happens if your case doesn’t settle, your Macon accident lawyer’s role, and what you need to do to help.

Factors that determine the strength of your case

One question I am frequently asked as a Macon accident lawyer is “How much is my case worth?” An exact dollar figure for any personal injury case is impossible to state due to the many variables involved.  In general, the strength of your case turns on the following five factors:

Is the potential defendant’s liability clear? Determining the strength of liability is not always easy. Liability means whether a third party (a potential defendant) is legally responsible to compensate you for your injuries.  Liability depends on both the law and the facts.  There are only a few absolute or clear liability cases. These usually involve rear-end collisions, passenger cases, or cases in which several independent witnesses verify your side of the case. In most cases, there is some uncertainty about who is at fault or whether you and another party share the fault. The educational videos on the left  describe the key liability factors in a variety of personal injury cases. Learn whether your case has the attributes needed to get over this critical hurdle.

Have you suffered damages? Damages include economic losses, such as past and future lost income and past and future medical expenses, and non-economic injury, such as pain and suffering. Most personal injury attorneys have had calls from people who have found something in a soda bottle or in a food item from a fast food restaurant. The potential client was revolted but actually received little, if any, injury.  Such a case has little value.  All insurance companies evaluate their cases on objective facts and figures (i.e., medical bills, lost income, percentages of permanent impairment and length of disability).

Does a potential defendant have the ability to pay? The defendant must have insurance, or assets, or you must have insurance such as uninsured motorist coverage. Your accident attorney must explore every possible alternative to find a responsible party that can pay the damages for your injuries. If there is absolutely no party with the ability to pay the damages, then it makes little sense to pursue the case for a piece of paper.

Are you a “good” plaintiff? A “good” plaintiff is a person who is sympathetic and credible to a jury.  A good plaintiff helps to make a good case because if settlement fails, the jury will like the plaintiff and will find him or her worthy of a just verdict.

Is the potential defendant a “bad” defendant? An elderly person who rear-ended you while looking for a doctor’s office is the exact opposite of the bad defendant. On the other hand, the pizza company who encourages fast delivery of its pizzas on first impression certainly looks like the “bad” defendant to a jury.

For more on case evaluation, see:

Dealing with an insurance company about your Macon, Georgia personal injury case


You should be cautious when dealing with claims adjusters.  They use a number of techniques to get you to settle quickly for less than you may be entitled to.  For example:


Discouraging you from hiring an attorney. Adjusters want to prevent you from getting an attorney because the cost to the insurance company usually goes up with an attorney in the picture.  The adjuster may tell you that an attorney will just slow things down or reduce the amount of your recovery.


Asking you to sign medical authorization forms. These forms can be worded to give the adjuster access to your complete medical history so that the adjuster can pry into pre-existing conditions that are unrelated to your personal injury claim. You should sign a Medical Authorization only if it is limited to medical bills and reports pertaining to the accident and treatment flowing from the accident and only if expires a fixed number of days after it is signed.

Taking your statement. Adjusters typically try to get a statement from you. The questions you are asked frequently are slanted to favor the insurer.  It’s best to speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney before giving a statement.

Threatening to withdraw an offer if you don’t immediately accept it. This is often a bluff. If the case is worth $30,000 today, it will likely still be worth $30,000 tomorrow or next week.

Common Adjuster Ploys and Dirty Tricks and Insurance Adjuster Evaluation Ploys further explain these and other common ways that insurers take advantage of inexperienced claimants and attorneys.

If you grow frustrated with the insurance company handling your claim and want the assistance of an experienced Macon personal injury lawyer, I am available to help.

Macon accident attorney offers assistance

Our Macon personal injury law firm handles the following matters:

Serious wrongful injury and death cases
Injury or death caused by another’s negligence
Products liability/ dangerous products
Consumer products that cause injury
Design defect cases
Manufacturing defect cases
Medical malpractice
Motor vehicle wrecks
Car wrecks
Head on collisions
Rear end collisions
Motorcycle accidents
Truck wrecks
Tractor trailer wrecks
Heavy equipment
Log trucks
Fire and explosion injuries
Premises hazard cases Slip/trip and fall
Property damage/diminished value claims
Insurance bad faith claims
Nursing home negligence
Brain injury
Spinal injury
Birth injury
Back injury

If you have questions after reviewing my website, I will be pleased to answer them.  And I am available to assess your Atlanta or Macon personal injury case without cost or obligation. To get started, please complete the short Case Evaluation Form on this page or contact me:

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Our Experienced Dalton Social Security Attorney Explains How to Apply for Social Security

What Happens When You Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

When someone applies for Social Security disability benefits, the application process can be both difficult and time consuming. The Social Security Administration (SSA) gets large numbers of applications every year. While SSA does have procedures so it can effectively manage its case load and can fairly evaluate every application, it is quite easy for some applications to slip through the cracks. A recent test of SSA’s nationwide toll-free phone number illustrated that 25% of the answers to SSI questions were incorrect.

To successfully apply for your Social Security benefits, it is crucial that you have a general understanding of the application process.

1.Application level. First-time applicants for Social Security will have an average wait of 120 days to receive an answer about their applications. SSA approves about 35% of those applicants for disability benefits. Out of the rejected 65% first-time applicants, 52% will give up on their claims while the remaining 48% will appeal their claims.

2.Reconsideration level. If SSA denies your first-time application for Social Security disability, you can apply for SSA to reconsider your application. Out of the claimants who file their appeals within 60 days of their receipt of their initial decision, many of those applicants will wait 90 days for another decision from SSA. From the claimants who file for reconsideration, only 15% will be approved for Social Security benefits. Of the applicants who have their first-time appeal rejected, 70% will appeal while 30% will quit at this level.

3.Hearing level. If your Social Security application was denied at the reconsideration level, you may ask for a hearing for your case. This is where it may be helpful to get the help of an experienced Dalton Social Security attorney. Across the country, claimants at this level will have an average wait of fifteen and one a half months for both a hearing and a decision on their case. While 55% will receive Social Security benefits at the hearing level, out of the 45% whose decisions were unfavorable, 55% will give up at this level and only 45% will appeal their decisions to the next level.

4.Appeals Council. If your case made it to the hearing level and was denied, you may present your appeal to an Appeals Council. The claimants who pursue an appeal at this level usually have to wait an average of 220 additional days for the Appeals Council to hear their cases. Out of the claimants who have the appeals council review their cases, only 2% are successful in getting Social Security benefits, and approximately 23% will have their claims returned to the hearing level. Of the remaining claimants whose appeals were denied by the Appeals Council, very few will appeal their cases to federal court.

5.Federal court. The remaining claimants who choose to appeal their cases at the federal level will have an average wait another 540 days to receive a decision from a federal court. At this level, the federal court will only approve benefits for a few claimants. The vast majority of